Outreach Programs

The Tacoma Astronomical Society provides its outreach programs, listed below, to schools, libraries scouting and guide groups, other societies, organizations and groups. The programs are free of charge but donations are welcome as it promotes our outreach work throughout the region. Some activities, especially observing demonstrations, depend on the weather.

All inquiries and requests for outreach programs can be made by contacting our Outreach Director, Ray Stinson, through either outreach@tas-online.org or by inquiring through a TAS meeting or member.

Program Title



Age Group


Solar Party


Solar viewing with solar filters. Safety is explained.

K to 12


Star Party


Learn about the night sky and view astronomical objects through telescopes.

All ages


Sky Search


Covers the constellations, how to find the North Star and learn to use a telescope.

K to Adult

Workshop and Demonstration



Learn the parts of a reflecting telescope and how to assemble a telescope. Learn about collimation. View astronomical objects.

5th Grade to Adult

Workshop and Demonstration

Stomp Rockets


An artful project to construct an air pressure launched rocket utilizing paperr, playing cards, paper clips and cellophane tape.

All ages


Scale of the Solar System


Learn the meaning of distance within the solar system. Understand the different sizes of the planets. Requires 1.6 mile walk.

3rd Grade to adult




Construct a star chart. Learn how to find the North Star. Learn the location of the 88 constellations. This is the most valuable astronomical tool for amateur astronomers.

K to Adult

Workshop, Presentation or Demonstration



Construct a comet out of raw materials. Process shows sublimation. Learn where comets come from. Learn about meteor showers.

K to 12th Grade

Workshop and presentation

The Moon


Learn about phases of the moon, craters and the history of the moon. Also learn about eclipses and create your own craters.

K to 12 Grade

Demonstration and presentation

Operating Telescopes


Learn about your telescope and how to operate it. Bring your telescope to our public night and have TAS volunteers instruct you and answer your questions.

All ages

One-on-one Workshop



Make a sundial and learn about true north. Track the Sun and how to configure the sundial.

K to 12 Grade



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